Machine Child

Into a world with a majority not ready to accept any gifts
That child was born gifted
Into a world that produced human machines
That child was born with a natural soul and mind
Creative and talented to the core
The child ! Feared no systems or laws of the machine world
The child ! Feared no expectations or responsibilities
The child ! Saw shapes around, similar to it
The child ! Saw creators around
Intended to try their hands on the new shapes
Competing with eachother to produce better machines

Destroying the magic inside them
Destroying the individual inside them
Destroying the wings inside them

Nobody knew why they did this to that child
They all went following the world around them
Afraid to do anything that went against the normal routine

Less did they realise the magic inside the shape
Less did they realise the beauty lay within them
Less did they knew they were destroying creativity
Less did they know there was a purpose within the child

Nobody asked and nobody enquired
To see what was inside that human mind
To see what the child was or what the child thought
They all asked the child to run a race
Behind the existing thoughts
They asked it not to change the tracks
They asked the child to run a race
Till they turned into machines of purpose .
The real man made machine



Looking through those window grilles, everytime I could see something different. The sky I saw through those locked branches, the leaves dancing in those sporadic little breezes, the chirping of the merry birds and much more. Everything felt wonderful seeing through that window.
I saw some magic in those auburn eyes of my home. As the rays of the sun through those canopies out of the window hit them softly. It felt like some chocolate rotating around a piece of a black dot, trying to dissolve my gazes into them. I gazed endlessly into them forgetting about everything around me. Occasionaly getting lost in some stupid conversations. Everything felt calm then. Away from those toxic people, wrapping myself up inside those warmful embraces in some safe and wonderful distant land. Breathing the feeling of being cared and wanted. I saw some kind of magic encircling around me like an aura. Some inexhausting energy running through my skin and body waking me up out the broken self I carried all the way. “Is this what they call having a home ?”, I asked myself as I lay staring out of those window grilles into the sky through those branches dancing in the subtle breezes. Occasionally, a bird or two came chirpping and rested on the window sill, having some peeps at us inside. They had this wonderful conversation about something we couldn’t understand. May be about the rain or the wind or the horizon far away. They were interesting about it anyways. For a moment looking at them, I felt how wonderful life was and as I turned and looked beside me, my home felt more wonderful than all of it. I realised that it’s not about being happy all the time. It’s all about having someone with whom you can share all of it mindlessly. It’s all about being with someone who can enjoy your happiness irrespective of the fact that it doesn’t have anything to do with them, but aware that you are their own part and what makes you happy makes them happy too. This is having a home. You share everything no matter what.
Window grilles with stories to tell
Messed up talks
Stupid jokes
Loud laughs
My Home
Warm Memories

Woman _________tion

Locked up inside the cage of expectations

Filled with the air of rules and regulations

She sat silently in the floor of stupid judgementations

Listening to all the verbal molestations

Being the victim of all the patriarchal agitations

She fetched around in desperation

Trying to find a way out from this world causing her frustration

May be this is what they call women emancipation

Yes,We exist !

Independent thoughts, feelings, decisions, dreams and much more. Some things that women shouldn’t be familiar with according to the patriarchal society we live in. It’s sad that instead of treating her as a wonderful creation of nature that deserves equal rights to survive independently, people often treat her as a vulnerable and fragile female being.
She’s judged since the day she saw the light of the external world. She’s judged for her being born as a female as an infant. She’s judged for being a tomboy, for hanging out with boys rather than girls, for dressing according to her comfort which might be too exposing for the stupid world, for talking loud, for being silent, for choosing her own career, for smoking, for drinking, for getting high, for talking about sex openly, for the number of boys she hang out with, for the way she eat, for the way she tie her hair, for her skin colour, for the stain in her light coloured skirt, for her bra straps, for her deep neck t-shirts, for her shorts, for her flat chest, for her loose tummy, for her skinny body, for her fat body and what not ! When it comes to talk about women, most of them becomes the pessimistic narrow minded assh**es.
You be an independent woman with your own perspectives and if you don’t care about the societal norms and rules for the right woman thing.. then you are called slut, whore, bitch and many names like that.

Broke up ?
Ohkay so she goes out with lots of guys. Told you not to date her ! She’s a slut.

Relationship request ?
Denied or Ignored
She was not good anyways. She had a lot of relationships before and she dumped them all. She’s a bitch !

Divorced ?
She was into adultery !

Working with men ?
She actually go for one night stands !

Hanging out with boys ?
She’s easily available

Letting men friends hold her hands ?
Letting men hug her ?
Dude, she’s seeking physical pleasure. Eeew, she’s a whore!

Searching for a perfect bride ?
Look for the ones who aren’t modern
Look for the ones who aren’t popular
Look for virgins! Girls who has sex before marriage are not good.

Living together with her love ?
I knew she wouldn’t marry. She always wants to have it with different men.

Posting hot pics online ?
She’s ready for sex

Bare legs and Cleavage ?
She’s filthy. She want to attract men !

And the verbal molestation against independent, free minded women never ends !
It’s always on this ascending line. Women emancipation, women rights, equality, feminism… everything shrinks into juz mere combination of alphabets. Nothing changes. It’s fine if a man is popular and if it’s a woman… she’s called names and judged. I don’t understand what sin a woman has done for having the ill fate of being judged this way.
I feel muted 🤐
Hope some day every bit of these narrow minded morons are gonna realise how hard it feels to be misjudged and forbidden from being who you are.
Waking up everyday, being a free minded woman, you feel that negative voices creep inside your head calling you names. Hanging out with your comfortable looks, you see those uncomfortable stares at your body. You take your social media profiles and you find those filthy messages asking you out, thinking that you are easily available because of your public account and hot pictures. You need to cover your legs. Hide your curves. Don’t reveal your cleavage. You are surrounded by so much of negativity, just because you are a free minded woman, that you end up being like; “Can I even stay alive ?” But, through all that she survived. Through those rough phases like a warrior. Hope there comes a day when every single woman on the planet can just live her life rather than surviving through obstacles.
W-O-M-A-N ♀️
not Fragile and Vulnerable !
( P:S Felt like I should be posting this, being a woman who has had almost all the problems of having independent thoughts.)